What Are Some Good Thank You Gifts for Professors?

With the school year coming to a close, choosing a thank you gift for your teachers or professors is very thoughtful. Whether you know your teachers well or you simply want to thank them for a memorable year, take a look at these five great end-of-the-year teacher gifts for inspiration.

1. Gift cards

One of the simplest yet most well-received teacher gifts is a gift card or gift certificate. Depending on your teacher’s preferences, the possibilities are almost endless for gift card locations. Some of the most popular gift cards are for restaurants or coffee shops, but there are plenty more specialized spots as well. For instance, does your teacher have a favorite store? Major chain stores or specialty stores are always a safe bet. Movie theaters also offer gift certificates for a fun evening out. You can even add a box of popcorn or candy to fill out your present. Whether you wrap it or simply put it with a thank you note, gift cards make wonderful teacher gifts.

2. Photo gifts

Another great choice for end-of-the-year teacher gifts is a personalized present like a photo gift. While putting your face on a mug may not be the most suitable present for your teacher, taking a group photo with your classmates can be a nice touch. Photo websites like Shutterfly (shutterfly.com) or Michaels (michaels.com) offer many different options to create that one-of-a-kind gift for your teacher. From coffee mugs and mouse pads to tote bags or blankets, you can create a memorable present for a well-deserving teacher.

3. Hobby presents

Over the course of a semester or a yearlong class, you usually learn a lot about your professor’s likes and dislikes. Finding a gift that supports their hobbies is very thoughtful. For example, do they love to garden? Put together a gift bucket with trowels, gloves, seeds and a knee pad. Are they interested in painting, crafts or other special hobbies? Look for a kit that they can work on over the summer. Perhaps your teacher shared a lifelong dream during your classes like learning to ride a horse or take a flying lesson. Pool your money together with some of your other classmates for a fun adventure that your teacher will remember forever.

4. Service ideas

Some teachers are not interested in presents at all, but would rather enjoy a pleasant experience or memory. If your teacher feels this way, think of a service project that would mean a lot to them instead. How about a catered lunch for everyone on the last day of class? You could also collect money from everyone to hire a cleaning service for your teacher for several months. Maybe your professor needs some tender-loving-care. Find a salon or spa nearby and offer them a day of rest and relaxation. Even a large card with everyone’s heartfelt thanks would mean a lot to your teacher.

5. Seasonal items

If you are really feeling creative, you can put together a seasonal care package for the summer. Find out if your professor is going on a trip or spending the summer at home to design the best gift. You can create a nice picnic basket with some cheese, sausages and crackers. Are they wine connoisseurs? Choose several local wines and some candles for those long summer nights. Even a nice book from their favorite author will fill up their summer days sitting around the pool.

Whatever end-of-the-year teacher gift you decide on, use your creativity to make a nice gift presentation. It truly will be “the thought that counts” if you take some time to thank your professor for a wonderful year.

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