About College Counselor Services

Welcome to College Counselor Services, a top online resource for connecting with highly trained counselors about your path to college success. We offer counseling sessions to resolve worries of graduating high school seniors and college students via online chat, email, or phone. We’re dedicated to making the college prep, application, admissions, and financial aid process as hassle-free as possible. It’s our mission to help students select the right college fit that maximizes value and minimizes debt for a great learning experience.

Whether you’re anxious about affording tuition, choosing a major, passing college entrance exams, or completing an impressive admissions essay, our experts can help. After you sign up, you’ll be assigned a knowledgeable counselor. He or she will closely listen to your questions and provide their professional opinion. Together, you’ll study the best post-secondary options for your unique interests, talents, and goals. Nurturing students’ growth and development with attentive, reliable counseling services is our goal.

Along with one-on-one sessions, our staff will guide you through your college journey by posting useful resources on our website. We’ll add featured articles ranking some of the best accredited universities in the United States for various criteria. Our FAQs section is filled with detailed answers to many of your pressing questions about college admissions. Please check back often because new posts are continually added to make starting college less overwhelming.

Did you know? Some interesting facts about college:

• In 2015, over 20.2 million students attended American colleges and universities, around 4.9 million more than five years prior. The majority, around 11.5 million, were female.

• The average yearly price for undergraduate tuition is $15,640 at public universities, $40,614 at private non-profit schools, and $23,135 at private for-profit colleges. Prices for higher education have grown by 1,200% over the past three decades.

• During the 2015-16 school year, U.S. post-secondary institutions are expected to confer 1.8 million bachelor’s degrees and 802,000 master’s degrees.

• 71% of students graduating from four-year colleges have student loan debt. On average, seniors are $29,400 in debt at graduation. Yet bachelor’s degree holders earn around $2.27 million over their lifetime.

If you’re stressing over applying to and affording college, let our counselors help! Please use our contact form to schedule a session and get much-needed advice.