What Are Some Good Internships for Psychology Majors?

Internships for psychology majors serve as the capstone project after four years of academic work. The internship phase, which runs from a few weeks to a few months, is designed to give graduating psychology majors an opportunity for hands-on experience in their field.

Interest in psychology as an undergraduate major has remained strong because this is a versatile field that can lead to different career paths. That said, when you are considering an internship, make sure to choose one that relates to the field you want to pursue after graduation.

Human Resource Specialist

The human resources department of big and small businesses provides entry-level positions for psychology majors. Interns may be asked to assist with pre-employment screening functions including gathering and verifying documentation, organizing files of the candidate pool and managing the stream of online applications. Interns may be asked to assist with on-boarding tasks such as assisting with orientation sessions and evaluating checklists. Other functions may cover clerical tasks in the benefits, payroll and training and development departments. These internships will give psychology majors a taste of the wide range of HR functions.

Career Adviser at a High School Guidance Office

A natural progression for psychology majors is placement at high school guidance offices especially with the group that guides students with career preparation. Psychology majors will excel in this type of internship because they can easily relate with the students, and they are not too far removed from the reality of career goal setting for young adults. Internships for psychology majors in this field may be be available at your local high schools.

Research Assistant for any Human Studies Project

Research programs are always on the lookout for interns who are familiar with field research methods. The internship may include assisting in the design and field testing of survey materials, organizing files and collating data. This internship will provide insights on research design and implementation.

Juvenile Intervention Program Specialist

Psychology majors may need master’s level credits to perform any work that is related to clinical psychology. However, you could gain exposure to the actual environment with an internship with organizations that manage juvenile intervention programs. These programs may be based in alternative schools group home facilities or community centers. The tasks may include coordinating group activities, clerical and administrative assistance for group therapy sessions and record-keeping.

Patient Advocate at a Mental Health Facility

If you intend to pursue further studies in psychology to earn clinician credentials, an internship at a mental health or behavioral facility will provide up-close interaction with your future clients. You may be asked to assist with patient coordination, note-taking and observation. Additional tasks may include assistance with patient supervision, meals, mobility and recreational activities.

Internships are valuable opportunities for graduating psychology majors who are planning the next step in their career arc. Various opportunities are made available for internships for psychology majors by businesses, academic organizations and other facilities. The career office at your college will have access to this information, but you can also check online sources including the website of the American Psychological Association.

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