How Can Your College Application Reflect Your Strengths If Your College Test Scores are Low?

College Prep TestIf your test-taking abilities do not have a direct reflection on your intelligence, it is important that you learn how a college application can reflect your strengths when college test scores are low. Virtually all 4-year colleges and universities have an entrance exam requirement for their applicants, but it is not as if your scores to their uniform admissions tests are the only things that an admissions council will view to consider accepting your application.

You must submit a complete application so that the council members are able to see the big picture on who you are, where your strengths lie, and what makes you unique. Read on and find out how to strengthen an application when you are worried about how your entrance exam scores will affect your chances of getting in.

Test Flexible and Test Optional Universities

SAT scores are much more important for some college-bound students than they are for others. You really need to know which schools are emphasizing the importance of the SAT score and which schools are doing the opposite. There are modern colleges that have actually done away with using standardized test scores in the decision-making process and others that have made testing optional.

The flexible testing colleges will put more of a focus on your academic performance, your involvement and the content of your application. If you would prefer to apply to a school that allows you to decide if your scores are an accurate representation of your potential, reference a list of test optional schools, according to Prep Scholar.

When Your Score Matters the Most

If you have a specific school set in your sights that has traditional admissions requirements, taking the SAT is almost definitely a must. Generally, the top-notch universities that are targeting students with the highest GPA’s and the best academic achievements will want to see high test scores to reinforce what they are seeing in your application. As an academic archetype trying to study at the best school, scores will weigh heavily on the council’s decision. This is because students with similar skills, transcripts, and community involvement could have better scores and put your application on the bottom of the pile.

What Can You Do to Make Up For Low Test Scores?

More than 2 million high school students take the SAT every year in hopes of earning high scores to impress admissions councils. While some do achieve their goals, others let the anxiety and the overwhelming feelings of depression take over and affect their overall score. This is why many have an argument that the admissions test really does not equal the playing fields or indicate how likely a student is to succeed in school, according to the The Stanford Daily.

If you have earned a score lower than you would have liked, you can highlight your GPA, stress how difficult your class loads were, and ask around for teacher recommendations that gush about how great of a student you are. When you showcase your qualities in the form of academic success over time and in the eyes of others, you can show you are a good fit for many schools.

Make sure that you start to apply for college early on. This will give you time to ask for the letters of recommendation from highly qualified teachers and administration. You will also need to show off your ability to write a compelling paper in the form of your college essay. If you do this, you can show that you know how a college application can reflect your strengths when college test scores are low.

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