Does The Common Application Work for Graduate School?

Common Application The common application has made it possible for students to submit their college applications to multiple schools at once, but you might be wondering if┬áthe common application works for graduate school? Applying for graduate school, while it is not as daunting as a task as applying to a four-year college, can be a very time-consuming process. There may be fewer choices to select from, but the options are still vast and the price of each program varies so dramatically that you will need to keep all of your doors open. Read this article, and you can discover how the common application works and what your options are when you want a master’s degree.

What Makes the Common Application Unique?

If you are on a journey to start college and explore requirements to get into a college, the common application makes that journey much easier, according to the Common Application website. Within this single system, students can explore more than 600 member colleges to find the best one. After they have completed the review process, they are able to connect to admissions departments and work smarter by submitting a common application to all of the schools on their list.

While some schools will require unique essays or documents, the bare application only needs to be completed once. Some schools even have generic essay requirements, which makes the process much more streamlined. After applications are submitted, you can stay on track and review the status so that you know the upcoming dates and more.

What Types of Member Schools Can You Apply to?

When you are applying to school as a prospective undergrad student, you have the luxury of applying through the common app. Unfortunately, you do not have that same luxury if you want to apply to a graduate school after you have completed your undergrad studies. More and more students going for their master’s are pushing for the makers of the Common Application to go a step further and create a system just for grad students so that they can combat the inconveniences that come with grad applications.

Advantages of a Common Application for Graduate School Admissions

Not only would students who already hold more responsibility enjoy more convenience, it would be a great cost saver for for students and colleges all across the board. Students could track deadlines, the applications could be reviewed more quickly and responses could be sent out sooner.

At this point, applying to graduate school is an exhausting process that could be simplified and streamlined. Since most of the schools that have programs in the US either use Embark or Hobson to process online applications, it does seem that creating a common option is feasible is there is a greater push, according to the Fordham Observer.

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In an ideal world, applying to graduate school could be a quick and easy process where all of the information the school needed about you could be provided electronically. Unfortunately, today you still need to scan transcripts and complete forms more than once just to earn an advanced degree. Make sure that you are very careful with the application process and provide all of the information possible to avoid delays. Look for ways to make your essay and responses relevant to each school by still recycling a large portion of the message. Now that you know if the common application works for graduate school, it is time to look for alternatives to simplify the process yourself.