Why Should You Take an ACT Prep Course?

ACT Prep CourseYou already know that you need to take the ACT, but you might wonder why you should take an ACT prep course. An ACT prep course is a specific course that usually lasts for several weeks or several months prior to taking the exam. You might enroll in a program the year before you take the test or in the months leading up to the test to keep the material fresh in your mind. There are several key reasons why students enroll in these courses and programs every year.

Take Sample Tests and Questions

Did you know that the ACT consists of four key areas of study? Even if you think you know math and science topics well, you might struggle on the English and reading sections. One reason why you should take an ACT prep course is because you’ll gain access to sample tests and questions. Some practice tests include questions used on the ACT in previous years, and other sample tests give you questions highly similar to those asked on the test. Those tests show you what to expect on the full exam and help you better prepare for those questions. You can also use the scores you receive on practice tests to better understand which areas you need more work.

Better Understand the Environment

If you took the SAT in the past, taking the ACT will be a completely different experience. The SAT typically takes place on a high school or college campus with dozens or even hundreds of other students in the room. When you take the ACT, you are typically the only person in that room. The test takes place on a computer and in a relatively silent environment. Your test prep teachers may give you the chance to practice taking the test in a similar environment.

Learn from Others

One of the top reasons why you should take an ACT prep course, is because you get the chance to learn from others. The person leading your class took the ACT before and likely scored quite high on the exam. That instructor will give you some feedback, help you understand the type of questions and topics to study and talk with you about the scores you received on your practice tests. A good teacher can even help you decide what to do the night before the test and how to prepare in the weeks leading up to the ACT.

Improve Your Score

According to The ACT, the highest possible score on the examination is a 36. Only a small percentage of students taking the test each year score perfectly. Many colleges have a minimum score requirement of 19, and some high schools require that honor students score 25 to 27 or higher to graduate with honors. Taking a test prep class helps you do better the first time you take the test and improve your score the next time you take it. It’s possible to improve your score by several points after taking a test prep course.

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Improving your score gives you a better chance of getting into the school of your dreams and landing a scholarship too. Gaining access to sample tests, learning from others and practicing in a similar environment are a few other reasons why you should take an ACT prep course.