What are Some of the Most Unique College Majors?

Students who are interested in unique college majors may be surprised and even shocked at the types of degrees that are offered through accredited colleges. Learn here about some of the most best options for students interested in careers outside of the norm.

Turf and Golf Course Management

Students who want to work outside in a pleasant climate surrounded by natural beauty should consider a degree in Turf and Golf Course Management. The University of Maryland created this degree as part of their commitment to sustainable management policies and beneficial environmental practices. Proper turf grass management that uses environmentally friendly techniques will increase water infiltration and carbon dioxide sequestration while decreasing silt runoff, soil erosion, water consumption and pesticide and fertilizer usage. Students who attend this degree program usually love outdoor sports, want to maintain functional facilities and support proper land management.

Most graduates end up working in management positions in golf courses, athletic fields and sport facilities.

Entertainment Engineering Design

This unique degree is offered through the University of Nevada, which is located in the entertainment capital of the country. Las Vegas is the only place that depends on the sciences behind casino game design and game engineering. This Bachelor of Science degree teaches students about the art and business of the entertainment industry. The Entertainment Engineering Design degree is an interdisciplinary program offered through the College of Fine Arts and the College of Engineering. Students learn how to design, build, install and maintain the various casino equipment and technology. Classes may cover biomechanics, animatronics, venue design, stage rigging, technical theater and engineering principles. Graduates will be able to work in the entertainment industry in any city.

Fermentation Sciences

Appalachian State University offers a degree in beer brewing that is grounded in chemistry and biology. Students gain knowledge about business, marketing, operations and entrepreneurialism. The Bachelor of Science degree program in Fermentation Sciences was created at Appalachian State University and was approved by the University of North Carolina. The interdisciplinary Fermentation Sciences degree program is offered through the College of Arts and Sciences. The degree includes classes in biochemistry, microbiology, plant biology, food science, agricultural basics and fermentation technology. Students gain hands-on experience through an on-campus brewery that is managed by the university’s students and faculty. Class assignments cover the principles of systems design, production systems and bio-processing technology.

Enology and Viticulture

Students who turn their noses at the idea of producing low-brow beer may enjoy a sophisticated degree that will turn them into wine connoisseurs. Cornell University’s Viticulture and Enology (V&E) degree is designed for science students who want to enter the wine industry. Students learn how to apply this unique scientific knowledge to other industries.

This degree program compares local New York wines with other successful winemaking state, such as California, Oregon and Washington. The degree teaches students about the science behind soils, pests, climates and grape varieties. Students will learn about the wine industry and business through local internships. New York State may have a cool climate that is challenging for enologists, but there are over 1,400 wineries and vineyards to choose from.

Other unique college majors include the following programs: Johns Hopkins University’s Canadian Studies, DePaul University’s Costume Technology, Brown University’s Egyptology and University of Louisville’s Jazz Studies. Anyone who seriously thinks earning a distinct degree should conduct career research, seek appropriate national certification and consider earning a dual degree or master’s degree. Readers can research college degrees at the Department of Education.

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