What Are Some Good Minors for a Degree in Exercise Science?

For those interested, there are a number of good minors for a degree in exercise science. Exercise science is the focus of how exercise and physical activity affect the body. Therefore, a great choice in minors for this study would naturally compliment it and its focus on the human body. Here are some excellent choices to consider.

Human Physiology

Human physiology is the study of the human body and all of its functions. This is a natural compliment to the exercise science major because it offers the student a deeper look into the inner-workings of the body. With this deeper, physiological understanding, the learner can really expand on the coming, expert-level knowledge of exercise with respect to the body’s systems.

Sports Medicine

Sports medicine and exercise science go hand-in-hand. In sports medicine, learners focus on the ins and outs of treatment, knowledge, and prevention when it comes to sports injury. These two disciples are therefore almost synonymous. In sports medicine though, sports are the primary matter of causation being studied, not necessarily exercise itself.


Psychology is a great choice when it comes to minor studies for the exercise science major. Being tuned-in to how people feel, think, and act will make anyone more capable in the study of any human activity. Exercise and the science of it are certainly no exception. Knowing how people exercise and why they do or don’t falls into psychological realms of expertise.

Psychology isn’t just a valuable minor to this particular major though. As simply put by the Penn State Department of Psychology, “The Psychology minor can be a wonderful addition to many majors as it allows you to learn about and understand human behavior.” Human behavior is in everything we do. Understanding it in the professional sense is of quite high, vocational value.


Biology is the study of life and living organisms. Those well-versed in this science will understand how cells rebuild, repair, and grow. They will understand matters of immunity and genetics. They will also be quite knowledgeable in how all of this applies to the human anatomy specifically. Subsequently, biology makes for an exceptional choice in minor studies for the exercise science major.

Medical Science

Medical science is a sort of combination of modern medicine and the human physiology studies mentioned above. The student here will learn all about modern medical practice and methodology as well as how it all affects the human body. They will also learn quite a bit about actual pharmaceutical medicines and their place in the world of medical science. Anyone seeking an exercise science major or another major like it are well-advised to consider this particular choice in minors.


Those with aspirations of working in the physical rehabilitation field might focus on the studies of kinesiology. This is the study of human movement. An expert in kinesiology understands the range of motion and movement capabilities for the entire body. They also understand the ramifications of injury and rehabilitation with regard to bodily kinetics. Such knowledge is inherently beneficial to those seeking majors in exercise science.

Exercise science majors represent those of us who are dedicated to the study of the human body. Knowing how the body reacts to and depends on exercise is the sole and noble focus of this science of the human body. With the help of a minor such as these discussed above, you will be well-equipped and well on your way to the career you have chosen to pursue in exercise science.

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