What are Some Good Double Majors?

Working toward a double major can certainly mean for some extra school work. It can also mean for some extra benefits too. Many employers are really drawn to some types of double majors. This is because of the additional knowledge that the earners of these dual degrees can bring to the workforce. If you are interested in double majoring and would like to know what the best options are, the following represent some of today’s best options in this academic approach.

Foreign Language

Those majoring in foreign language sometimes choose to double-up this major. Spanish and psychology are psychology are often combined, for example, so as to create a more universally valuable background. Domestic and foreign language teachers, border agents, and even those involved with social work benefit from this dynamic duo.

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Economics majors represent those that have decided to become educated in the field of money and the markets that move it. Mathematics is a great and natural pairing to double with here. Political science, history, and philosophy also work quite well. In the end, the target vocation will dictate which particular degree combination is best.


Mathematics is the study of numbers and their inner-workings with relation to virtually everything around us. As mentioned above, this subject pairs very nicely with economics. Outside of economics, mathematics majors often go the route of sciences such as biology, agriculture, or even astronomy. Someone wanting to work for NASA, for example, would be quite attractive with such a double degree offering.


Engineering is the all-important science of structure and the use of different items to facilitate mechanical function. This can be with regard to buildings, systems, individual items, machines, and more. Mathematics is a great double major for this degree concentration. Also, physics, pedology, and construction management have been known to pair quite well here.

Political Science

If you are studying political science, you are learning all about politics, governance, and the application of law and order over society. As you are dealing with the subject of society here, additional majors such as law, criminal justice, sociology, or economics work very well as a double. Those working in political offices, in law enforcement, law, and many other areas can benefit greatly from such a dual degree.


The English language took root many years ago, and those schooled in this area understand many of its origins as well as the science of its proper use today. Many English majors today decide to also major in another language such as Spanish or, French, or German. The result is a master of multiple languages and the ability to translate between them. By doubling the major in this way, vocations such as that of the translator, professor, and English-as-a-second-language, or ESL teacher become wide open to the candidate.

Earning a singular college degree can be a lot of hard work but ultimately leads to a great vocational reward. Earning a double, or dual major can be even more challenging, but can offer even more by way of ultimate vocational reward. Those most suited always get the best jobs, and having a double degree is one of the most direct ways into those upper echelons of employment today. These are just a few of the examples of the double major as well as likely pairings and some potential job results in addition.