What are Some Advantages for High School Students Participating in Summer College Programs?

For high school students, attending summer college programs can be an exciting proposition especially if the courses are structured and packaged and packaged as intense, multi-week residential programs. Typically, the colleges provide a selection of college-level courses that have been restructured to suit the summer schedule that could run from two to eight weeks. Tuition would include room and board so that participants get the full spectrum of campus life as you will be asked to stay in the dormitories for the duration of the term. Staying in student housing is a safety strategy for young participants because dorm monitors are provided, and it also provides socialization time for students. Often, program activities continue well after normal class schedules.

Introduce Students to Campus Living and College Life

Most pre-college programs require participants to stay on campus with their group. Students who have attended summer camps as youngsters are already familiar with this structure, but the difference is that pre-college programs are held on college campuses, providing a taste of campus living will be like. You will be better prepared to face the challenges of living on your own with your peers. Some summer programs for high school students incorporate practical strategies such as dealing with your laundry. Going away for college may not be so daunting an experience if you have experienced it for a bit already.

Participate in College Level Courses

To be clear, pre-college courses offered by several prestigious universities are non-degree. You will not earn high school or college credits after completing the course although some programs may claim that as a possibility. However, the experience of taking the course or courses along with your peers will be worth the effort. Classes are held in the college’s facilities under the guidance of a team that actually works at the college, enhancing the immersive experience.

Gain Collaborative Experience

Pre-college programs draw high school students from all over the country. You will be living and working closely with these students for the duration of the program. This is an opportunity to establish relationships with students who have the same interests and motivations as yourself. Whether you like all of your fellow students or not, you will be forces to interact with them because these summer programs are designed to be collaborative in nature to help you develop life skills that are crucial to college success.

Improve your Resume

Many families consider pre-college summer programs as an investment that might boost the student’s chances of admission. Course costs are typically in thousands of dollars, but families pay the fees, hoping to get a foot in the door come admission processing time. Universities caution that pre-college programs are not feeder programs for actual college. Completion of challenging programs during high school may impress the admissions committee, but it is not a guarantee of admission. However, attendance is seen as a sign of maturity, drive and motivation, which are all positive traits and predictors of college success.

Attending summer college programs is a transformative experience for high school students. It is an opportunity to experience the college setting in real life, providing you with a wealth of experience and interactions that may affect critical life decisions such as which college to attend and what program of study to focus on. Summer college program packages may be pricey, but the experience is life changing and inspiring for high school students who are driven to succeed.


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