Where are the Most Popular Places to Study Abroad?

According to one of the leading study abroad websites, Italy, Spain, England, France and Germany are the most popular destinations for students. Paris, Rome and London will always offer iconic architecture, cultural heritages and top ranked universities. However, there are other countries in exotic parts of the world that are becoming quite popular among students who want cost-effective and culturally deep experiences.


The Land Down Under where men blow and women thunder is becoming quite popular among students who want familiarity and exoticism. Australia’s most popular cities for foreign students are Sydney and Melbourne. Sydney boasts an iconic harbor, world-class opera house and some of the most beautiful beaches. Sydney is the largest city in Australia, so it is also the most multicultural. There are five globally ranked universities in Sydney. On the other hand, Australia’s second largest city of Melbourne is known as the cultural capital for students and young adults. Melbourne offers beach, entertainment and nightlife venues. Melbourne is home to seven globally ranked universities.

Toronto and Montreal

Canada’s largest city of Toronto offers diverse communities, upbeat cultural scenes and breathtaking natural surroundings. Toronto has very strong art, foodie, creative and fashion venues. For example, most people don’t know that many Hollywood blockbusters were actually filmed through Toronto’s film industry. These movies include X-Men, Police Academy, Good Will Hunting and The Incredible Hulk. Toronto’s cultural rival is Montreal, which maintains a vibrant French-speaking culture. Montreal maintains a distinct culture that boasts globally recognized indie music, comedy and culture scenes. Montreal is referred to as Canada’s cultural capital because it is one of the most diverse and livable cities.


Japan was one of the first Asian countries to open up to the West, so they still remain the most Westernized country in Asia. Japan offers many culturally different opportunities for students. For example, students who want a unique and traditional Japanese experience may study in Okinawa, the birthplace of karate, kabudo and nunchakus. Okinawa boasts some of the healthiest people in the world, but this is rapidly changing through the strong presence of McDonalds and the U.S. military. Students who love the hustle and bustle of a giant metropolis may choose to study in Tokyo. It has 13 internationally ranked universities, one of the lowest student populations and one of the most user-friendly subway systems in the world.


Korea’s capital Seoul is now one of the most exciting destinations for foreign students. For example, the government’s English Program in Korea (EPIK) is very popular among foreign English teachers who want to experience the culture and work for a public school. Seoul also boasts one of the most efficient and well-designed subway systems in the world. The city continues to attract domestic and international employers that partner with local universities. Due to the fact that Korea is still becoming popular among foreign travelers, students can still enjoy a rich culture experience at Internet bars, techno clubs and all-night tea houses.

Finally, any student who wants to study abroad should consider China, Taiwan or Hong Kong. Beijing and Shanghai are the most popular destinations for foreign students. Every major city in China now offers international programs for foreign students.

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