What Items are Important To Have When Moving Into a Dorm Room?

Dorm Room Heading off to college is exciting and a little scary too, but when you know the items that are important to have when moving into a dorm room, you can rest assured that you bring all the right things. You’ll see lots of checklists and packing lists pop up on blogs and in your favorite magazines towards the end of summer. Whether you’re a new freshman or an experienced student, you can still get a little help knowing exactly what to take with you.

Bed Linens

College dorm rooms often feature twin beds, and many colleges now use extra large twin beds. As these beds are a little longer than your bed at home, you’ll want sheets that fit your new bed. You’ll also want multiple pillows for placing behind your back while studying in bed and a comfortable comforter. Bringing along multiple sets of sheets lets you keep your bed clean without doing laundry all the time. Many students also find it helpful to bring a mattress topper.

Cooking and Cleaning Supplies

The top items that are important to have when moving into a dorm room include cooking and cleaning supplies. A mini refrigerator is practically a must have in most dorms. You can store drinks, snacks and even ingredients for meals inside. Check with your college too. Some colleges let students bring hot plates, coffee makers and microwaves to use in their rooms. Make sure you also bring some handy cleaning supplies too. You never know when you might need carpet cleaner or an air freshener in your room. A small hand-held vacuum cleaner is another great addition.

Extra Storage

Dorm rooms range in size from 10 foot by 10 foot to 12 foot by 12 foot, but some colleges have dorm rooms that are even smaller. When you share that space with one or more people, you need some creative ways to stay comfortable and organized. Seventeen Magazine recommends different types of storage items, including jewelry organizers and hanging boxes that fit inside your closet. You can also make use of wasted space underneath your bed with plastic storage boxes. Look for thinner boxes with wheels on the bottom to make moving the boxes in and out from under your bed easy. A bathroom caddy is another must have. You can store all your bathroom supplies right by your bed.

Comfort from Home

No matter how much you look forward to going out on your own, you’ll likely feel a little homesick. That is why some of the top items that are important to have when moving into a dorm room are the things that remind you of home. You might hang some pictures of your high school friends on your wall, display a picture of you with your parents or even bring along a stuffed animal you had since you were a kid. Looking at those items will remind you that you have people back home who care about you and are proud of you.

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Moving into your first dorm can leave you puzzled about what to bring. Instead of bringing the dozens of things you see on must have lists, stick with the basic items that are important to have when moving into a dorm room, including cleaning supplies, some extra storage and bed linens.