What is the Standard Application?

If you are interested in applying to several independent colleges and you want to make it as easy as possible, the Standard Application Online (SAO) offered by the Secondary School Admission Test Board is both a tool and a resource that can help you. Instead of submitting all of your applications and admissions tests direct through a school’s online application, you can use this single application that is quick and easy to complete.

If you would like to learn what types of tools are offered by the SSAT and how the SAO can help you, read this guide and find out everything that you need to know.

How Does the Application Through the SSAT Work?

A Standard Application through the Secondary School Admission Test Board is like a common application that takes down all of your personal information, biographic information, and your educational experiences so that all of the information is pre-filled as you apply to member colleges. Since your parent statements, recommendation letters, essays and transcripts can all be attached to application, submitting your application to higher education institutions can be quick and easy.

The process is pretty simply when you submit your documents through the submission form. You will need to create an account, save your information, add schools, complete the forms and prompts, and submit your application fee before your application is processed. If one member school requires something unique from others, there will be a supplement notification that you must complete.

How Can You Find Member Schools

While there is a long list of schools that accept the SAO, not all independent schools do. If you are set on where you want to apply, you need to be sure that the school is a SSATB member before getting started. Currently, hundreds of private schools are on the member list. If you want to search for institutions, you can easily do so by using the school search tool and the filter on this tool.

Helping You Select the Best School

The board does not just help you with submitting your applications, it also helps you choose the right school. There are so many different college cultures and teaching styles, and this is why it is important to use all of the resources that you have to identify where you really would be a good fit. Access the SSATB checklist to choosing a school, and you will know all of the right questions to ask yourself.

Getting Help Through the Application Process

Even though the SAO helps you fill out your applications quickly, the admissions process can be a lengthy one. The SSATB has developed resources that can help you map out a plan and prepare your application with time to spare. Not only is there a calendar with deadlines for testing and applications, there is also tips to help you prepare your essays and to help you prepare for your interviews. If you cannot pay for college outright, there are even resources that help you with financial aide.

Getting into college does not happen overnight. You have to perform well academically, put thought into your essays, and make a good impression on teachers. Once you have done all of this, you can start to apply to a program that suits you best. Use the Standard Application, and you can streamline the application process.

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