What is the Best Way to Find a College Internship?

The best way to find a college internship is through taking advantage of online and old-fashioned resources. Here are the best resources for finding the right internship for you.


The popular website Internships.com offers one of the most comprehensive internship search engines and allows users to perform advanced searches, such as by major, location, job type and company name. Additional resources, such as internship tips, guides and blog stories, provide accurate updates about every type of internship.

There is also a tool called the Internship Predictor that uses information regarding the student’s personality and preferences to locate suitable opportunities. To access all of the benefits, students will have to register for an account, but this will allow them to create a searchable profile.


Students should set up a LinkedIn profile to establish professional contacts and obtain expanded networking opportunities. A professionally designed profile with well-written recommendations from school and work associates will be useful when applying for internships through LinkedIn. Students can easily access LinkedIn’s website to search for internship listings. Searches can be refined by location, company, job function, industry, experience level and title. Be sure to ask working professional adults to search their personal LinkedIn networks for contacts and internship opportunities.


Experience.com offers plenty of career resources that include job listings, job articles, and special search filters. Experience also has strong connections with many well-recognized colleges and universities. These educational institutions often use Experience as an internship recruitment platform. Students whose target college or university is registered with Experience will be able to set up an account in order to learn about upcoming local job fairs and internship events. They can also access other resources, such as resume, interview and internship guides.


Finding a college internship is also possible through the power of advanced Google searches. Simply enter in the title and location of the target internship to see what Google delivers. Because Google will search millions of websites within a few seconds, Google relies on complex algorithms to deliver projected results. This means that simple Google searches may result in every type of possible internship. Google’s advanced search function allows users to specify exact words, regions, websites and languages.


Glassdoor is best for college students who plan on transitioning from internship to full-time employment within the same company. Glassdoor offers limited internships listings, but they all come with detailed job descriptions, salary information and company reviews. They offer a unique feature, interview reviews, that allows previous interviewees to post helpful advice for specific companies. Glassdoor is recommended for established internships that are exclusively available through this website.

Alternative Resources

According to educational leader The College Board, students should utilize additional internship resources. Ask high school and college coaches, teachers, counselors and club advisers for assistance. Check target industries for standard internship programs or directly reach out to specific companies and organizations. Libraries still offer plenty of printed resources, such as internship guidebooks and annual reports.

The key to finding a college internship is through using an organized approach that takes advantage of both online and traditional resources.

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