What are the Best Extra-Curricular Activities for a Business Major?

Signing up for a few of the best extra-curricular activities for a business major can help your application to business school really stand out. MBA programs are highly competitive and look for students who are more well-rounded and bring more to the table than other students do. This doesn’t mean that you should sign up for every activity and club that your college offers though. Stick to activities, programs and clubs that relate to the business industry as a whole and to what you want to do with your business degree.

Business Clubs

Your search for extra-curricular activities should start with a look at the business clubs offered by your college. The Future Business Leaders of America is one of the best clubs because it helps future executives learn the networking and communicating skills they need to work as leaders. The Business Professionals of America allows students to start and run their own clubs on high school and college campuses. If you were a member in high school, you may take on a leadership role in college. You can also talk with your school about implementing one of these clubs too.

Volunteer Opportunities

Matt Symonds, a writer for Forbes, claims that business schools prefer students who have a number of extra-curricular activities on their applications instead of those who did just one thing in the past. Volunteering is a great way to gain some leadership experience and experience working on teams. Though you might think that you must sign up for a business program, you can volunteer in places like soup kitchens, hospitals and homeless shelters. Those experiences show that you are an altruistic person who values others and that you put the needs of others above your own.

Leadership Organizations

The more leadership experience you have, the better your chances are of getting into grad or business school. It can also help you stand out when you apply to jobs. The Leadership Development Organization is one of the top leadership organizations, but you may also sign up programs approved by the Association of Leadership Programs. Look at other ways you gain some experience too, including signing up for campus activities like Habitat for Humanity or running for student government. Working as a peer mentor to students who are younger than you can also look good on a resume and a grad school application because this shows that you have leadership skills.

Honors Society

One of the best extra-curricular activities for a business major is the business honors society. Beta Gamma Sigma is the official honors society and recognizes the top students on each campus. After checking to see if there is a branch on your campus, you should learn how you can become a member. Members must be at least a sophomore, rank within the top 10% of students in the business program and attend the induction ceremony. Students must retain their class ranking to remain in the organization. Beta Gamma Sigma offers scholarships, networking opportunities and other events for members.

If you hope to attend business school and earn an MBA, you must take part in the right clubs and organizations while in college. The best extra-curricular activities for a business major include the honors society, volunteer experiences and organizations that teach you leadership and other valuable skills.