What are the Benefits of Joining Greek Organizations in College?

Though some college students immediately look at pledging a fraternity or sorority after enrolling, others need to look at the benefits of joining Greek organizations before deciding whether to pledge. During the pledge process, you have the option of meeting with representatives from each house, going to events and deciding which organization is right for you. Pledges will do simple activities during the pledge process before the organization decides who to admit and who to reject. Once you see some of the benefits of sororities and fraternities, you might decide to pledge.

Make New Friends

Going away to college is challenging because you’re in a new place with people you do not know. This may result in you feeling homesick because you miss your friends and family back home. Pledging a Greek organization is a great way to make some new friends. You’ll have the chance to meet others who also feel homesick and people who share the same interests as you. Many students who join sororities and fraternities form lifelong friendships as well that last long after they graduate.

Professional Networking

According to USA Today College, more than 80% of executives working for Fortune 500 companies joined Greek organizations in college and nearly all American Presidents were frat members too. Joining one of these organizations gives you the benefit of meeting with professionals who previously pledged the same organization as you. Many Greek organizations host professional networking events that let students learn from former members and form friendships that may help those students secure jobs later. Alumni support also comes in handy when it comes to writing resumes, looking for internships and doing fieldwork during your later years.

Academic Support

Greek organizations often have a reputation for being party clubs. You might picture yourself drinking beer with your friends and hosting wild parties on the weekends. While these organizations do love the party lifestyle, they also place a high level of importance on academics. Some will even place students on probation for having a grade point average that falls below a certain number, and others will expel students who constantly receive poor grades.

Housing Options

One of the other benefits of joining Greek organizations is that membership provides you with another housing option. Many colleges require that freshmen either live in a dormitory or with their parents, and those schools offer more options for upperclassmen, including apartments away from the campus and on-campus apartments. When you join a Greek organization, you have the chance to move into the house rented or owned by that organization. Many houses come with a single or shared room and meals with free utilities for a fee that you pay each semester.

Greek organizations provide amply opportunities for college students. When you join a fraternity or sorority, you make new friends that you’ll have for the rest of your life. Other benefits of joining Greek organizations include providing you with another option for housing, giving you academic support and offering networking opportunities with working professionals.