What are Some Unique College Electives?

As a student enrolled in college, you must take a combination of general education courses, the courses required for your major, and college electives. While some students take electives that relate to their future jobs or their career goals, others use those electives as a way to take classes that they wouldn’t otherwise take. You can sign up for art classes and learn how to throw your own pots, paint landscape pictures, do accents on stage or dance in front of an audience, or you can look for some of the more unique electives available from your college and others.

Unique Literature Classes

If you’re like most college students, you probably assume that literature classes require that you read a lot of old and dusty books that will put you to sleep. Some schools offer more unique literature courses that include more modern books. Did you know that you could take a class on Stephen King books or on sci-fi books written over the last few decades? Some of these classes will even let you watch movies based on those books. You’ll also find literature classes that focus on books written for women.

Creative Writing

Even if you think that you don’t have a creative bone in your body, you can still sign up for one of the more unique creative writing classes available. According to Nina Friend of The Huffington Post, one such course actually lets students study the funny and comedic writings produced by different authors and then gives them the chance to meet those authors at the end of the semester. Signing up for one of these electives may let you meet and interact with stand up comedians and the writers behind your favorite television shows and films.

Cooking and Tasting Classes

Many colleges now offer wine tasting classes that are open to those who are 21 years old or older, but some colleges also offer tasting classes in other areas like maple syrup. Taking a maple syrup tasting classes can help you learn how to spot real maple syrup and how to identify the fake syrups that use corn syrup with maple flavorings. A course on honey tasting will help you learn how to identify the different background flavors in the honey, which can tell you where it came from in the world. You’ll find a number of cooking classes available too.

Zombie Courses

Though it may seem hard to believe, a number of campuses now offer courses based around zombies. Before you picture yourself signing up for college electives that let you watch “The Walking Dead” for course credit though, keep in mind that these classes generally go into greater detail about what might happen after a zombie apocalypse. Some classes take a scientific approach and focus on what could cause a zombie outbreak to happen. Others focus more on what humans can do to prepare for the zombie apocalypse, including how they can protect their homes and keep their families safe.

The electives that you can take in college go far beyond those simple arts courses you might expect to take because many colleges now offer some more unique options. Unique and unusual college electives you can sign up for may include those based on a zombie outbreak or those that let you meet your favorite authors.

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