What are Some Good Questions to Ask on a College Visit?

Knowing what questions to ask on a college visit will put you ahead of the game when it comes to narrowing down your school options. This is because the likelihood of you getting into your preferred college is better than you may think. The New York Times reported that in recent years, 80% of top students were admitted to their first choice of schools. Since you are quite likely to get that cherished acceptance letter, you should make sure you are fully informed about each prospective college program by asking the following questions.

What Degree Programs Are Available?

It is important to make sure that you will be able to obtain a degree at the college you choose that will apply to your desired career. For example, a college that offers a degree in health care is essential for those who want to be a nurse. As you explore the different degree programs, check to make sure that they also offer graduate level degrees if that is your goal.

Will Previous Credits Transfer?

Many people enter college with credits they have earned from Advanced Placement exams and prior college experiences. Some colleges may also have programs in place where experience gained through a career can also be used toward credit. Making sure that your credits will transfer will give you a jump-start toward completing your education.

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Who Teaches the Classes and How Much Individual Attention is Provided?

In many schools, graduate assistants and adjunct instructors teach the lower level courses. While this is often just as effective as a professor, it could play a role in your decision. It is also important to ensure that whomever teaches your courses has enough time available to respond to your questions. Ideally, instructors will use a variety of methods to communicate with students, including email, one-on-one conferences and feedback on assignments.

What Is the Cost of Attendance?

Going to school typically requires paying for more than just tuition. Textbooks, housing and fees can cut into your academic budget. You may also find that these expenses can vary significantly from school to school. Find out beforehand if there will be additional expenses so that you do not have any surprises upon your enrollment.

What Types of Financial Aid are Available?

Being able to pay for college is essential for degree completion, and students who inquire about what to ask during a college visit should know that there are several different types of financial aid that may be available. Most schools accept federally funded financial aid also offer scholarships, work-study programs and additional grants that can be used to pay for courses.

Are Online and Blended Classes Offered?

Students who work or have families often prefer to utilize every opportunity available to simplify the process of going to school. Online courses will allow you to complete assignments in the evenings and on the weekends. Blended courses usually require some visits to campus, such as for labs, yet they still offer more flexibility than traditional courses.

Being prepared for your college visit will ensure that you leave the campus with all of the information you need to make an educated decision. By making sure you know what questions to ask on a college visit, you can sail through your tour with the confidence that you are making the most of your time on campus.