What are Some Examples of Liberal Arts Colleges?

What exactly is a liberal arts college, and where can I find one? This is quite a common question. Answering this area of query is the purpose of our post here. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Liberal Arts Explained

In the vast world of academia, all areas of similar studies and sciences are grouped together. Liberal arts subjects thus fall into their own category that without, they would then be ill-grouped with most other science majors. With this being said, liberal arts specifically is a group that contains subjects of intellectual pursuits not common to most science, technology.

Liberal arts are subjects of philosophy and thinking. As well defined by Wikipedia, liberal arts thus cover the fields of humanities, social science, philosophy, mathematics, history, literature, and similar areas of intellectual specialty. These areas do not deal with so much “hands-on” science or tech work as they do intellectual studies, or pursuits of the mind less tangibly represented.

A liberal arts college in turn is one that specializes mainly in these areas of teaching. Such a school focuses on undergraduate studies in these areas typically. In some cases, the student may stay at the school for graduate studies, while in others, they may need to transfer to complete a graduate program elsewhere. All schools are different in these respects but are the same in their focus on liberal arts studies within.

Example Schools

There are many, esteemed liberal arts schools out there. A brief look to some of these schools can give an even better idea of what the liberal arts school is all about. Here are three well-known examples that can help deepen understandings.

The Juilliard School

Juilliard is a well-known and highly respected liberal arts school. Founded in 1905, it has gone on to educate thousands at an average graduation rate of over 81%. Juilliard is a musical and performing arts college specifically.

Here, students will receive a world-leading education in music, dance, and drama. Degrees and programs of study at the school fall generally into these three categories as a result. These are the performing arts at their finest level of academic representation.

Auburn University – College of Liberal Arts

Auburn University is considered to be a public research university located in Auburn, Alabama. Established in 1856, the school has since blossomed into a popular and respected place for liberal arts learning opportunities. This highly rated school offers majors in an extremely wide range of liberal arts studies. African studies, dance, art, philosophy, languages, and women’s studies are just a few of the offerings that make up the school’s healthy menu of majors. One more interesting fact: the school has graduated six astronauts to date.

Texas A&M

Texas A&M is a coed public research university specializing in liberal arts studies. This massive school was founded in 1876 and takes up an approximate 5,500 acres in what is now called “College Town”. Here, students can receive an excellent and renowned education in many areas of liberal arts via undergraduate, graduate, and even certification programs offered by the school. History, Hispanic studies, English, political science, anthropology, and several other programs are offered at this high-ranking venue.

Liberal arts are indeed valuable areas of modern knowledge and understanding. Without such specialty fields, society would certainly be in a much dimmer, less advanced place than it is now. This is the world of liberal arts as well as the basics of the liberal arts college explained for you.

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