What are Some Advantages to Attending a Small College?

The advantages to attending a small college are numerous. You’ll enjoy academic benefits, a strong social life and a boost to your job prospects. Whether your primary goal for attending college is to enhance your career, develop as an individual or pursue a specific course of study, a small-sized university can help you reach your goals.

Academic Benefits

Small-sized colleges deliver big classroom advantages. With fewer students enrolled in each class, your professors can offer more individualized attention. This means stronger relationships with teachers, leading to research positions, strong letters of recommendation, and better learning outcomes. You won’t suffer through introductory classes with 300 other students; instead, even your first year of college courses will feature meaningful discussions and a low student-professor ratio. You’ll build scholarly relationships from the moment you step foot in the classroom, and the more you know your professors, the easier it is to ask for a strong letter of recommendation .

Social Benefits of Small Colleges

Whether you’re a social butterfly or an introvert, you can thrive at a small college. You’ll be able to find student organizations that match your interests and take on a leadership position. Unlike large universities, where hundreds of students compete for the most prestigious extracurricular activities, small colleges need every student’s involvement to be successful. You can write for the school newspaper, join an athletic team or become president of the undergraduate student council. No matter what your overall interests are, a small university can help you explore them.
This will not only boost your resume but also increase your social network.

Financial Reasons to Attend a Small College

Many students are surprised to learn that small colleges offer some of the best financial aid packages. Even though these schools have higher sticker prices than large, state-run universities, keep in mind that small schools tend to have very strong endowments . This means they can offer large scholarships, work-study packages and grants to their students. In many cases, you might pay less overall to attend the small school of your dreams than a large public college.

Employment Benefits for Small College Graduates

You may be wondering if the alumni network of a small-sized college can help you find a career once you’ve graduated. Although these colleges graduate fewer students than their large counterparts, small college alumni are passionate about their alma mater and eager to help fellow students. You’ll find it easier to schedule informational interviews, network and obtain job recommendations. Another advantage to attending a small college is the reputation you’ll enjoy as a graduate. It’s likely that students from your school congregate in certain job markets, and you’ll have an easy time finding employment if you target areas with a high density of fellow small college alumni.

When considering between a small college or a large university, think about the benefits of personalized attention and close-knit social networks. There are many advantages to attending a small college, no matter what your long-term goals are.

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