How do You Become an R.A.?

The resident assistant in a facility is there to make the stay of every resident safer, healthier and more exciting. There are many RAs who will start in college as they help their fellow students, and they will go on in life to help those who live in long-term care facilities. This article explains how a college student may begin their life as an RA, and there is a look at how they will use that experience to become professionals in the field.

What Does The RA Do In College?

The RA in a college residence hall is there to serve the students, and they help with simple matters such as lost keys, lockouts and conflict resolution. The RA is a person who will become a focus of the student’s life, and they will be a role model to look up to in each hall. The RA is a person who is learning how to manage large groups of people, and they may use that information later in life as they work in the private or public sector.

Working In A Large Facility

There are quite a few people who will go on to work in a large facility, and they will notice there are man people who require services to make their lives better. Seniors and the medically-frail will need a resident assistant to help them with their most-basic living needs, and they will feel secure having someone around at all times. There are assistants who will live in the facility, and others will work the facility during normal business hours.

How Does The Assistant Offer Services?

The availability of the assistant is the most-important part of their job, and they will take many questions, concerns and actions during the day. The assistant must be prepared to multi-task, and they must feel as though they are given the opportunity to help others. They will do minor things that help with locks or a basic conflicts, and they will be a friendly ear for the people who live in the building. The friendly ear is quite important in college, and there are many seniors who will enjoy having someone to talk to in their facility.


Training for the position is quite simple, and there are certification courses that will help the assistant learn how to do their job properly. Courses in the art of managing large groups of people will teach assistants how to help others in their careers, and they will learn how to manage residents in the places where they work. The training courses are offered to now hires who work in medical facilities or senior living homes. Training courses are comprehensive, and they ensure everyone doing the job knows what is expected of them.

A resident assistant is a helper in the building where their residents live, and they are trained to serve people with their time and energy. Students who live in college residence halls are the first to meet RAs, and there are quite a few seniors who get to know someone who does the job of an RA. It is quite important that everyone who is thinking of working in a helping profession applies for positions that assistant their fellow man.

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