How Can I Stay in Shape While In College?

Fitness is a big focus for modern Americans, as we become generally more aware of the many threats to our health which are inherent to our modern lifestyle. Cancer, heart disease, and obesity are all increasing concerns for many people today. At the same time, that same lifestyle doesn’t lend itself to a lot of extra time being left over, which requires that we become creative with our health and wellness solutions; our academic careers represent one of those periods in many peoples’ lives when it can seem almost impossible to find the time for basic fitness.

So, what can the modern student do, by way of staying in shape in college?

Believe It or Not, Social Media Comes to the Rescue!

There are a wide variety of social media platforms in addition to Facebook and Twitter. Some of these platforms, such as Pinterest, maintain large communities which focus on healthy lifestyle choices and sustainable modern living. There are individuals, groups and pages on every available social media network which focus on making healthy lifestyle choices, finding affordable alternatives to what would be typical campus fare, and tracking down little-known outlets for natural food in your local area. This may take some searching, but the end results will save you time, effort, and a lot of unnecessary junk-food snacking.

Start a Workout Club

Clubs and organizations are one of the mainstays of the modern college life, largely because it’s one of the first times in a young person’s life when a wholly student-driven initiative has the potential to be taken very seriously. Most colleges are strongly supportive of student organizations, particularly when it comes to the widely-embraced goal of maintaining better physical fitness. Find some fellow students who match your schedule, who are also looking to stay fit around their classroom schedule, and start organizing meetups for fitness and athletic pursuits tailored to everyone’s tastes. By supporting each other, you can help ensure that nobody winds up falling off the wagon — which is one of the biggest barriers to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Bodyweight Workouts

A bodyweight workout is an intensive regimen of exercises involving the weight of one’s own body as opposed to free weights, expensive exercise equipment, or machinery. In addition to requiring a much smaller financial investment (essentially, the clothes you wear), bodyweight exercises tend to take up a lot less space than equipment-based routines. For most of the exceptions, such as activities involving running, your college should have plenty of space set aside to accommodate your needs — but many of these exercises can be performed right in your dorm room.

Intramural Sports & Athletics

Many students have neither the time, nor the desire, to participate in mainline college athletics, and for some it seems like just another burden on top of maintaining their already-demanding academic performance. Intramurals are something that many people fail to consider, however: sports such as flag football and disc golf are far less demanding on a student’s time and energy. They’re a good way to stay fit, and a great way to meet other people facing many of the same problems that you are — some of whom might have found other creative solutions. At the same time, these activities are organized around class schedules, to best accommodate the needs of as many different students as possible.

More Information on Staying in Shape in College

There are a variety of resources available on college fitness, from advice on eating healthy on the cheap to how to lead a healthy lifestyle while living in a dorm. With a little research, you should be able to address most of the common concerns about everyday college living, and be well on your way to a fitter, healthier you, regardless of the unavoidable demands of present-day college living.

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