Are College Fairs Worth it?

are-college-fairs-worth-itThere are a long list of college fairs held in cities big and small each and every year. While there is no shortage of fairs to choose from, many prospective students ask themselves if it is worth attending a fair after you have already taken the time to prepare for the SATs and college applications.

If you are pondering whether or not you should take time out of your busy life to walk up and down the aisles of booths at a college fair, read on and learn about some of the advantages and the disadvantages of attending.

Getting Insight Into the Culture and Brand of the College

There will be no shortage of institutions that are represented at a college event. Since the schools are big businesses that are in the sector to earn a profit, one of the big ways that they go about attracting students and competing with other institutions is by setting up shop at a college fair. You can compare the colleges like vendors that set up at a trade show; the only difference is that the potential student is who the booths are marketing to.

One major advantage at a college fair is that you will get good insight from the representatives of the school. Every school has their own unique culture and certain type of brand that represents the school’s mission. Some schools are highly respected and focused on their status and others want students to have fun while they study. Speaking with representatives will help you gain the insight you need.

Asking the Important Questions

Once you find a school with an overall brand that interests you, the next step will be to ask the important questions. You should learn about the graduation rate, the professor to student ratio, test score requirements, the job placement rate and more. Asking recruiters these questions might get you answers or it might just show you how informed these professionals are. After all, if a representative trying to market the school does not have the important answers then you might have to question if this is the school you want to attend.

Help With Your Chances of Acceptance

College fairs are free events that can be a bit chaotic and full of traffic, but just because they are free does not mean they cannot benefit you long term. In actuality, even though some of the information you gather can be found online, admissions departments place a lot of value on students who apply after attending a college fair. The officers in charge of admissions see students who apply for admissions after attendance as people with a demonstrated interest. If there are a few students who are all equal in other senses, the student who attended the fair would be selected before the others who did not.

It is not feasible to drive to colleges all across the country to see the campus and to meet with recruiters. A college fair makes a lot more sense when you want to weigh all of your options. If you are not stuck on one school and you are seeking admissions advice, going to a local fair is the way to go. Do some research and look for college fairs being held in your area so that you can make personal contact with the schools you like the most.